With a small penis: ways to increase the size of

How to increase length of a member, or the width? Some of the men do not take into account the size of your sex organ, perfect, and ready to go for a lot of it is because of their growth. So, if it is possible to at home.

How to increase length of a member?

small dick

At this time, there are a lot of men think that the size of your member, it is not enough to satisfy your partner, and start with this is to doubt his or her abilities.

But before you decide on the length or width of the penis is insufficient, we need to determine what is the average size of a penis, and that it should be the right size according to the numbers. Perhaps the question in its abilities is not a reason to be.

How to increase the size of your penis? You can do this at the moment, in which a wide range of different methods. It, and and surgical and not surgical methods.

Creams and pills

Specialist scientists to ensure that the positive effects of after these ways are nothing to the other, such as is used in the tip, just like a drug it does not affect in any way the body and the placebo effect.

Such a view is difficult to refute, because at the moment there is no reliable test, and that is exactly confirmed by the fact that the application of these methods really any way affect the length or width of the penis is an organ.

It can be argued that such an ointment, and pills, the effect is negative for men in the body, they are not, as well as in its composition it almost always has a human, many a time, the yohimbe (the herbal viagra). The application of these means, perhaps, to strengthen your body, but about the size of a member does not have an impact.

Exercises and weights to increase the size of your penis

The manufacturers claim that if, each day, for up to 8 hours of wear and tear that is similar to the attribute, it is possible to achieve an increase the member in several inches. But this method is very objectionable, because in this way you can just stretch the skin, but that is not your own sex organ.

Prior to the start of the implementation of a wide variety of exercises that kind of how it should affect both the length and width of the penis, it is important to understand that your sex organ is not your bicep. To make it it is impossible.

In spite of this, the network will continue to gain in popularity in various training courses, which help you to change the size of the sex organ. An example of such a system is called a "jelcing". They say that it includes a variety of exercises, from the Arabic, with the tech that has come down to us from ancient times.

The vacuum pump

The result is a vacuum that stimulates the flow of blood to the sexual organ, in its turn, becomes excited, and, visually, it is, of course, will increase.

After the procedure, on the basis of one member, and is secured with a tiny o-ring, which prevents the rapid exit of blood. Though popular, the technique of the telling of this form of insurance is impossible, such as:

  • it is not deleted, the condition of the patient.
  • it is likely to damage the blood vessels, thus resulting that appear bruised;
  • it is not ruled out by injuries to the soft tissues.

In addition to this, after the sex, and the body will be removed from the ring, it will be exactly the same size as it was before.

The increase in the size of the penis by surgery,

In the journal of European urology today than 10 years ago, we published an article that said that the maximum length that can increase the penis size, of not more than 3 cm. At the time, the men set out to make one of the two operations.

The increase in the length of

It's no secret that, due to the presence of a tiny string, of the male penis attaches to the pelvis. The supporting ligaments and is firmly united to the body, sex, and hiding it in the bottom of the housing.

The surgical procedure involves weakening of the tension of the ligament, which is achieved due to the fact that in the united states. After the surgery, the biggest part of sex, and the body can be seen. However, there is a risk that, in the future, bands will start to loop.

To avoid such side effects, the man has to be in each and every day for the next 6 months and that is used in the form of the penis, particularly the use of special equipment.

The increase in membership of the width of

But then, after some time, the doctors noticed that the fat of the fabric of places, it begins to break down, and, as a result of a member, it does not seem to be with this guy. After that, he started to do another operation the member is deployed, the tissue transplanted from a genetically non-similar-to-the-body, which is applied in many types of reconstructive surgery.

Dr. J. Rosenthal stated that, after the operation of the side-effects, as in the previous case, it is not. The result of this is actually achievable, and it lasts for more than a year. But, unfortunately, no one can give you a hundred percent guarantee that the donor tissue after transplantation, it will behave as you need it.

In addition to these two common forms, there are others. For example, if a patient is very overweight, to increase the size of the body, it is visually possible through liposuction. During the operation, at the base of the limb, clean the grease from the fabric.

You can make some conclusions about the methods of enlarging the penis?

What's more, if a man is trying to change the size of your penis with the help of these methods, and you don't get the results you want, he can fall into a depression, and that it may even be the cause for the emergence of psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

And this is a problem that has to clean up afterwards, with the help of the interactions of drugs of abuse. Also the lack of security can lead to premature ejaculation, you will also have a negative impact on the quality of your sex life.

To really increase the length or width of a member is possible only by means of a surgical procedure. Any of the other techniques, in the best case scenario, you won't have any income, the worse it can hurt you. Before you decide on any procedure, please make sure to consult with your doctor and weigh all the "pros" and "cons".

The whole truth about penis enlargement pills

It is considered that men of dignity should be of outstanding size. Well, to put it not, as to the temper of the shoes, but it's all the same. Many of the men in the complex, for the sake of a small envelope of the main body, and begin to look for different ways to extend the benefits the Internet offers full. However, a lot of them are not going to help it.

You should reach out

the increase in the member

We reviewed the most popular techniques that are available today for penis enlargement. To separate them, as the saying goes, all of the grain from the chaff.

It is very tempting to do so, it seems, the possibility of extending the dignity of sex with the aid of a simulator, so-called range extender. It was promised that it mechanically dilates the body of a 4-to 5-inch, and even the increase in the volume of 1.5 cm.

And to reduce the problems and enhance the libido.

In spite of the fact that a lot of men will say that it is a method that helps them to (member of rose for a few months, and at 1-2 cm), they all point to a sharp pain while using the device, which, by the way, is the place you need at every day. It is uncomfortable to wear. Also, it is helpful to the extent it is not for everyone. If it's low elasticity and a robe, sheath of the penis, then stretch it to be useless.

The factors that influence the length of the

  • the inheritance
  • the characteristics of growth and development
  • the hormonal status
  • disturbances in intra-uterine

Scrub or not to scrub

Even more dubious way, to increase your member, massaging it, magical face creams, and gels, all of which are sold in large quantities.

If you believe the publicity, thanks to the tanning substances, in just one week, you can bring in to the male organ up to size of a giant. In the meantime, the doctors say that creams for penis enlargement — no longer a "scam".

After all, if such means are able to penetrate deeper into the skin, the need to register as a drug and over-the-counter it is going to be. In the best case scenario is that the cream is not going to harm you.

And here is the introduction under the skin of the penis, gels, pastes, vaseline oil, it is fraught with dangerous consequences, and even loss of the skin of the penis, and even your ability to get an erection. These patients have to deal with for the purpose of salvation is that of the penis and the recovery of its functions

And here is the vacuum pump, the water creates a pressure, which is supposed to lead to a rise (albeit a popular method to from the Internet), you can easily contribute to the breakdown of the blood-vessels. In addition to the experts of a recognized method that is absolutely useless. Massage, they offer some of the artisans, or the exercise, is unlikely to be productive. How to enlarge your penis

The man, of which the dimensions of the genital and significantly lower than the mean, it is not going to solve their problems, and smeared bodies, body, cream, or hanging it in the load. He should seek medical help.

Now, the only truly effective way to solve this is for the intimate medical problems as well as call in to the surgery, which really helps to increase the authority of as much as 5 inches. it has the indications and contra-indications. In addition to this, it is not always the body needs to grow.

The average size of a penis is in a state of rest — up to 9 cm long, erect, of about 15. It's statistics, but it is not the ideal for which we must strive.

How to increase the penis girth (all the methods)

The ability to enlarge your penis is always that it had shaken the man. Studies have shown that approximately 30% -40% of men unhappy with the size of the penis. Yes, and the artificially created myth that the bigger the size of the penis, the better, it makes you not satisfied, it becomes more and more. In this context, it is the medicine that is not on the site, and is constantly developing in the direction of the techniques and devices in order to increase not only the length, but the thickness of the penis.

The main technical

Today, there are a number of techniques that help them to increase the thickness of the penis. The apparent advantage of this is that all of them are suitable for use in the home. Thus, among the key techniques it is important to note the following:

  1. This is a method.
  2. In the vacuum of the water pump.
  3. The extension.
  4. Drug-induced method is based on the use of hormonal medication.
  5. The time of surgery.

Consider each of the way more information:


One of the simplest methods to increase your penis, according to the men. The most important thing is that the method has no side-effects to a body of men, and does not require a financial cost of accessories. Penis enlargement is possible, in both length and thickness. To do this, they use a variety of exercises.

It is important to understand that, technically speaking, is the increase in length implies that the traction on the tissues of the corpora cavernosa, and the thickness, can guarantee it. If you can call it a manual method of stretching of the tissues of the body, the male sexual it's easy, then, to the expansion of the pre-requisite is to maintain the erection for a specified period of time. And that increases the risk of the occurrence of the injury.

Exercise to increase thickness of the penis is most effective in a state of erection. To start your training should be, with loads of low-key, and then you can gradually increase the amount and the state fiscal year. Don't forget that before you start a workout, it is necessary for the heating of the tissue.

The faster it is possible to do it with the help of warm water and a cloth. The next important aspect to consider is the availability of lubricant, you can use any of the gel-like lubricating. To do the exercise "dry" without pre-heating of the fabric to have a high risk of injury to the tissues of the penis.

After the preparation of the beginning of the execution of the exercise:

  1. To start again.
  2. Gradually improve the pressure on your penis until you reach the maximum erection.
  3. With one hand, hold the area of the base of the penis, the other gently and slow the area of the head.
  4. Will Continue to slow down for a minute, and after that, the pressure to relax, and then repeat it all over again.

There is another option for exercise is to increase the thickness of your penis in the home. The preparation stage is similar, that is, not sure about in the beginning of the ceremony, and a solvent. Next, hold the penile in the region of the head, and begins gradually in the stretch, and compress. At a time of maximum stress should be within a few seconds.

After the execution of the exercise, it is recommended that you do a very relaxing massage which helps to restore the circulation of the blood. The downside is that it is the time for the duration of the process.

the operation

This method will not only help to increase the length and thickness of your penis, but how to get rid of impotence. The vacuum pump of the water for the men, it's a tank with a pump. In this capacity, it is placed on the penis, and the pump gradually pump the cylinder with air. As a result, it is possible to obtain a significant increase in the penis for a short period of time.

The extension of the least-popular of the vacuum pump of the proton. It is not recommended for use in males by the presence of anomalies in the anatomical structure of the organs of the urinary system. The advantage is it is painless, effective and no side effects.

The extension allows you to adjust the tension and the elongation of your penis. In the future, in order to achieve the best results, you can optionally use the special bar.

It is believed that this may occur after only one month of the commencement of the use. It is important to note that the device does not stretch the cells, the building blocks of the body, and it also contributes to the increase in the number of them.

Therefore, the result is to be stored for a long time.