How to enlarge your penis at home-in correctly

How to enlarge your penis at home? The question is about adequate for the size of the body, so the stronger sex was always urgent. For some, having stated the problem, try to increase your penis size in all kinds of ways, even though they are not absolutely necessary. For a woman to achieve orgasm don't need a big penis size. But there is one class of men, it really is necessary for the correction of the body. There are a number of techniques that help you to grow your penis at home. Today, we are going to talk about the most effective methods that will actually change the settings of a member in length and in thickness.

the increase in the member

Before you begin any type of technique, it is best to take measurements of their manhood. Maybe you have an average penis, it's not worth upsetting yourself with exercises, excerpts, or use one of radical technical change of the magnitude of the operation.

For the surgeons proven fact that the penis is in erection, it may be a 10-to 15-cm. Anything that is above or below the – penis-small-or large-sized businesses, respectively. As the saying goes, those who are lucky, and some aren't. But the problem of a small body, you can decide for yourself.


Enlarge your penis at home-this is only possible if the man does not have a warranty, either expressed problems with the authorities. No acute pathology is associated with sexually transmitted diseases, multiple cancer. Before you begin any kind of procedure to enhance you have to get rid of the symptoms of the disease.

Methods to fix penis enlargement at home:

  1. The vacuum pump is of water.
  2. Extension;
  3. Jelcing, exercise,
  4. Ointments, creams, gels, and sprays;
  5. Products;
  6. Stretching with the aid of the goods.

The vacuum pump

Thanks to this device, which happens to many species, and it can achieve the result of a month of daily application. Actually to increase, not only in diameter, and also the length.

In addition, the device has a number of advantages. It will help you to resolve a number of men in the problems related to the sexual sphere. Water pump has the look and feel of a bulb, a pump, and with the punching bag, stormhammer rings, buy have air-tight).

The principle of operation of:

  • I speak, it is introduced into the cylinder of the water pump is either manual, mechanical);
  • The air is removed with the aid of a pump, an erection occurs;
  • The ring firmly against the pubic bone, and the balloon, however, to shoot;
  • Press and hold to 8 minutes, and then cut it off;
  • Repeat 2 times a day, every day.

Prior to any technique that will increase the virility, it's worth taking the initial measurements. The control no earlier than one calendar month.

Driving directions:

  • It contributes to the resolution of cases of stagnation in the pelvis, when an irregular sexual sedentary work;
  • Removes the impotence;
  • The growth of the male organ up to 4 inches;
  • The diversification of the private life;
  • To view the.

The extension

How to increase the size of the unit? It can range from 1 month before the start of the 0.5 cm, if you use it on a daily basis. In the beginning of the operation, that is, the elongation of the cells in the lining of the body's tissues.

That, in turn, is under the charge of the extension has the property to grow in and fill in all the empty spaces are formed in place of the stretch. The method is similar to the ones used in surgery), so that the increase of the body to be guaranteed.

Driving directions:

  • The enlargement of the penis in both length and width;
  • Correcting the curvatures, and defects of the penis, on the house.

The results after using it in 4-5 months

  • Up to 5 cm in the excited state;
  • Up to 3.5 inches in the rest of the penis;
  • In the amount of up to 1.5 cm long.

In the first of the month, it is highly recommended that you install the device for up to 10 hours, respectively, and this is done for the night. Every day that you wear it can be to get discouraged, the results are already a few months ago, the changed settings will remain for all their lives.

Jelcing, and the exercise of certain

If you apply the technique to the east, this increases the sex organ, gradually, without causing a great deal of harm, and it is less stressful.

Why is it necessary to keep track of everything with their hands, and in a timely manner to stop the exercise in case of trouble.

The principle of operation is based on a high-tide of blood to the sexual organs and the elongation of the cells of the penis. Apply daily 1 to 2 times a day, in order to have a result, it can be a month.

Prior to the lesson, and the beginning of the year it is worth it and if you prepare well and warm up to speak of. It may be hot from the heater to the salt to use, or the towel moistened in warm water.

the extension

Importantly, in order to avoid burn-in, temperature-control, and sensitivity. To improve both the process and the effectiveness of the lessons, you can cause a special creams and gels for increasing the body. This will help you to quickly change the appearance of the manhood.

Exercise Jelcing"

  1. Apply the cream on the sexual organ;
  2. Massage to bring you to an easy erection;
  3. We, from the index finger and the thumb of an o-ring;
  4. Not compression, but rather elastic, thick to go through the entire length of the member, it is not reaching to his neck:
  5. It makes the movements so as to not cause a strong of discomfort and pain.
  6. Duplicate the "ring" around the length is up to 40 times.
  7. Increase each session by 10 units.
  8. At the end of 1 month, you must carry out prior to 300-350 per session.

By doing such a simple movement, and after the first 30 days, you will see a new cm.

Stretching with the aid of the merchandise

This is the best of the ancient technique for penis enlargement. The modern analog to the extension.

So, if you do not wish to purchase the device, you can use the stretch marks and make them yourself, using the materials in the hands of the media. Some of the men, a bottle of water, and is used as a mass.

Here, you'll need to be extra careful. The technique is found to be an approach rather dangerous, and heartbreaking for the body.

Is allocated for 10 to 15 minutes in the initial stages, over time (but not more than 20). Under the weight of a bigger penis and this can be noted after 1 month.

It is necessary to run it smoothly, gently and without any jerky movements. The penis should not be able to get an erection. At the base of the head of the penis is wrapped completely elastic bandage, or a napkin, don't try to twist the body, it is necessary to tighten up the skin on the shaft of your penis.

In the special shops, you can buy a fork, and it will be locked on the load. Be sure to watch the video, then do not use of the merchandise, and even to get a bandage and a hose clamp.

When you apply the loads, and each week, weigh them up, make sure you aware of the feelings, in the event of a sharp pain, stop the procedure. Extra lbs is often related to sports equipment – disks, and dumbbells.

And if it's not in the house, as we have stated previously, bottled water is also a good one. The classes begin with 5 minutes and increasing each time by 1.

The maximum amount of time to load – not more than 20. Most of you can't stand, can the pressure start to wither in the cell, to prevent electrical shock and close to the heart.

The basic rules of stretch marks

  • No erection prior to and during the consideration;
  • Squeeze out a drop of blood out of the penis prior to hanging;
  • The burden of maintaining it, until you feel a little uncomfortable. The pain, the passion, and the bumper rubber is forbidden;
  • The change in color, shading, and the blue limb of the law, while it does not end up in the course of the rise;
  • Accentuated weight it will take for the discomfort, but it is not growth everything must be gradually;
  • In the absence of motion, and short, t. d., of standing in one place.
  • For the beginners it is not recommended practice, it is necessary to exercise the nyc;
  • The first load should not exceed 200 g.